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A quality structural investigation, performed by a licensed structural engineer, combined with a thorough home inspection, will ensure that your investment is sound and well made.

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Structural Engineering Services

CES is experienced in the evaluation and design of structures built of steel, concrete, wood, and aluminum. In addition to being experienced in multiple construction materials, CES has experience with a wide range of project sizes and types. Flood defense projects, water quality, low-rise commercial, industrial, and residential are some of the sectors we service. As well as the specific discipline of structural engineering, CES also provides project management skills. CES has the ability to coordinate multiple disciplines in a united effort to provide timely services to any project.

Residential Engineering Solutions

A home is the most significant investment most people will make.

Professional licensing requires a four year, ABET accredited degree, passing two 8-hour exams, and being mentored for four-years by a licensed Professional Engineer.  In addition to 4 Project Engineers, Cole Engineering employs two (2) Professionally Licensed Engineers that review and collaborate on all residential projects.  One P.E. performs the reconnaissance site visit and reports, then a second P.E. reviews the observations and conclusions for coherency.  Even though the fee covers the rate of one engineer, our service includes the expertise of two.  Having a consultation and review by two (2), esteemed Professional Engineers on your home or other structure will give you the peace of mind that your investment is structurally sound.

If there are structural deficiencies found, a licensed structural engineer has the expertise to design and detail repairs which are compliant with the current building code. The design that the engineer produces should then be given to a licensed, bonded contractor, familiar with residential construction. Such a contractor can provide a written estimate for the construction cost. While some engineers will attempt to give ballpark numbers for this, such a practice normally results in wildly inaccurate prices which do more to create confusion rather than clarity.

Cracks in drywall or plaster finishes DO NOT necessarily indicate structural deficiencies. When cracks are found there are several pathways a homeowner can take to identify the source of the problem. If a structural assessment does not clearly identify a specific cause, CES can provide periodic monitoring. Monitoring cracks for movement can prevent homeowners from implementing cosmetic repairs that may have to be repeated.

Having an accurate estimate on the cost to repair structural deficiencies benefits both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. This helps ensure that a fair and equitable price to each party is negotiated. CES also specializes in the area of foundation inspection / HUD certification for manufactured homes.

manufactured home foundation inspections

CES also specializes in the area of foundation inspection / HUD certification for manufactured homes.

Do you perform FHA/HUD and VA foundation certifications on manufactured homes?
What are some of the requirements for a FHA/HUD manufactured home foundation certification?
My home was constructed according to Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (CFR 3280). Does this mean that the foundation is also certified?
What states is Cole Engineering Solutions licensed in?
How can Cole Engineering Solutions help with getting my foundation certified?
Can you determine if the foundation is HUD compliant without visiting the home site?
If the foundation needs upgrades or a retrofit, who performs the work?
Who is required to have a HUD manufactured home foundation certification?
Why is a professional licensed engineer required for a foundation certification?
If my foundation was installed according to my local building codes, doesn't that mean that it meets HUD standards as a permanent foundation?
Does it really matter if my foundation is HUD/FHA compliant?
My manufactured home qualified for an FHA loan in the past. Will it qualify now?
Can Cole Engineering Solutions recommend a contractor to do the foundation work?
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Industrial Engineering Solutions

Industrial structural engineering has its own unique set of challenges and issues. We design to ASME BPV and SMACNA standards.

Industrial projects can range from small scale lifters, with unique parts, to large steel structures to support particulate cyclones or cranes. Bridges, stacks, process skids, heavy ductwork, pipe supports, bag-houses, air handling equipment, mezzanines, barge modifications, explosion panel design, rigging design, crane design, equipment foundation designs. CES is familiar with them all.


Lifters can be an integral part of many manufacturing plants. Manufactured products can be any shape or size, requiring unique solutions for transportation and manipulation of those products. CES provides solutions for load rating assessments, reinforcement for increased loads, and new designs to make sure your lifters meet your manufacturing needs.


Mezzanines serve multiple purposes, such as expansion of storage space and access to elevated equipment. CES has experience in upgrading existing, and designing new mezzanine structures. We are familiar with creating structural solutions that overcome unique equipment placement and piping locations.

Industrial and manufacturing processes often require large buildings and the operation of heavy machinery. Despite training and safety methods, accidents sometimes happen. Damaged columns are a frequent problem often solved by simple solutions that can undermine confidence in the structural integrity of a building. Allow CES to restore confidence in your structures.

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Water Retention and Treatment Plants

Water retention can be an integral part of many industrial processes.

Many engineers are not aware that there are specific design codes required for the design of the structures in a waste water or drinking water plant. Designing the reinforced concrete tanks and structures of a drinking water or waste water plant to comply with ACI 350 is something we have been doing for years. We are well positioned to efficiently design and detail these projects. CES provides solutions.


Levee certification and re-certification involves the evaluation of an existing barrier that is used to protect property from flooding. This certification determines whether an area is inside a flood plain and may increase the levels of flood insurance coverage that a property owner must carry. CES was partially founded to fill the need for municipalities to have their levees re-certified, so that they may continue to keep lower insurance requirements for their residents and businesses.

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Miscellaneous Engineering Solutions

Cole Engineering has addressed a myriad of projects which do not fall into the conventional project categories.

From bleachers, to entertainment type structures, to ornamental handrails and stairs, signs, awnings, etc., we have the ability to analyze and design a broad spectrum of projects.

The City of Cincinnati

The City of Cincinnati is currently requiring building owners to inspect fire escapes attached to their buildings. We are familiar with the current mandates that the City has recently published, and are effective in providing the documentation the City is looking for. As structural engineers, we are licensed professionals qualified, willing, and able to perform these investigations.

Fire Escape Inspection Program


Bridges are a critical aspect of transportation infrastructure. Whether a bridge is used to access private property, span obstacles on a small country road, or on a major highway, failure of the structure is not optional. CES can provide a complete structural analysis of your existing bridges or provide designs for a new structure.

Wood decks

Wood decks, and decks in general, are a highly desired design element of both single family residences and apartment complexes. The materials used in deck construction can often deteriorate faster than other aspects of a structure due to constant exposure to the weather. If you have concerns about the structural integrity, CES provides complete assessments and repair designs for commercial and residential decks.

International Building Code

The IBC (International Building Code) requires that handrails and guardrails, and their supports must be designed for 50 pounds per lineal foot, applied in any direction at the top of the top rail, and a concentrated load of 200 pounds applied in any direction at any location along the top of the top rail. What does this mean? If a guardrail or handrail run is 50 lineal feet in length, that system must be able to withstand 2,500 pounds of force (50lbs/ft x 50 ft run = 2,500 lbs). The connections for these systems can be simple for basic building materials but become more complicated with decorative guardrails.

Handrail, guardrail and materials testing are methods used for ensuring the ability of materials to meet the standards required by various building codes. We apply forces to various points of materials and connections , and provide documentation to prove that your architectural feature will comply with the necessary building codes. Safety is a very important aspect of public facilities.

Entertainment structures

Entertainment structures, or temporary structures, for festivals and celebrations often require permitting from city or county authorities. Just because a structure is unconventional, doesn't mean we can't handle it.

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Cole Engineering Solutions PE Licensure by State

  • Alabama PE# 36375
  • Arkansas PE# 19218
  • Colorado PE# 0052914
  • Connecticut PE# 0034450
  • DELAWARE PE# 27905
  • FLORIDA PE# 90379
  • Georgia PE# 042858
  • Indiana PE# 11012034
  • Iowa PE#23241
  • Kansas PE# 26405
  • Kentucky PE# 23571
  • Louisiana PE# 42099
  • Maryland PE# 46065
  • Masachusetts PE #57138
  • Michigan PE# 6201068537
  • Minnesota PE#56976
  • Missouri PE# 2018000447
  • New hampshire PE#17118
  • NEW MEXICO #27365
  • New York PE# 098414
  • North Carolina PE# 41248
  • Ohio PE# 67873
  • oregon #101349PE
  • Pennsylvania PE# 83554
  • South Carolina PE# 33010
  • Tennessee PE# 117282
  • Texas PE# 135915
  • Virginia PE# 402053189
  • Washington PE# 52517
  • West Virginia PE# 18701
  • Wisconsin PE# 47978

Chris egan

Cole Engineering Solutions PE Licensure by State

  • Kentucky PE# 38995
  • Ohio PE# 89584

Charles b. morton

Cole Engineering Solutions PE Licensure by State

  • Kentucky PE# 39019
  • Ohio PE# 89554


Cole Engineering Solutions believes in giving to others as one of the core principles of the business. As part of that principle CES supports the following charitable organizations:

Continuing Education

Cole Engineering Solutions is a recognized leader in structural engineering continuing education for area realtors, realtor associations, and home inspectors. This includes topics such as foundation problems, framing issues, and also the unique challenges that occur because of the Cincinnati area's geologic conditions. We provide this service free of charge as part of your organization's continuing education requirements.

We have provided continuing education classes for:

  • Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors
  • Northern Kentucky Area Realtors
  • Kentucky Real Estate Inspectors Association
  • Sibcy Cline
  • Coldwell Banker West Shell
  • Huff Realty
  • American Society of Home Inspectors

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a class.

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Located just south of Cincinnati, Ohio, CES provides Structural Engineering Services to the Greater Cincinnati area and surrounding states. We have also completed projects constructed throughout the United States, as well as China.

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